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As for me, I think printing is an exploration because it usually create an unexpected outcome eventually. To be honest, I rarely did painting before except experienced linocut once.

Therefore, today I just want to experiment the printing in different ways.


A print pulled in an edition of one. There is no series of identical prints that are signed and numbered. It is actually an image usually painted on glass or plexi-glass, and transferred ( or stamped) on paper.

Drawn Monoprint

For drawn print, I think the most essential points are smoothing the paint well and carefully deal with the paper. Thus, I decided to make some pictures with simple lines and also challenged fluidity of lines. However, at the beginning of printing, I totally had no idea about how to make it. After step-by-step study and try, I learnt the method eventually. As a result, I made some comic-style portraits and Chinese word on small pieces of paper.

Process Record

  • Find a picture.

  • Put the paper which is going to be printed beneath the picture

  • Put a piece of parchment paper on the picture.

  • Apply a nail-size printing ink (or acrylic paint) on the plastic board.

  • Use the brayer to apply the ink evenly on the board (the surface of it should not leave tiny peaks of ink).

  • Place these three pieces of paper together on the ink area.

  • Track the patterns of the picture on the parchment paper.

  • Gently lift up the paper and the print is completed.

Direct Monoprint

Icarus 1947

I think direct monoprint allows me to experiment more combination of materials by the help of the printing press. Therefore, by the inspiration of Henri Matisse's Icarus, I wanted to add more collage with the contrasting colour of background.

Hence, I selected pink as the colour that replace the blank white area. I firstly cut out the shape of my head and a side face from a piece of foam paper and coloured them with pink acrylic paint. Afterwards, I glued them on the board with black ink and randomly lay down a string on it. On another side, I teared some paper from the magazine which contained words like 'mix', 'balance' and 'pop'.

After this primary experiment, I found that black colour cannot react with the pink. So in the next page, I replaced black by blue and red to see if these two contrasting colours have any reaction.

In the next piece of work, I chose a big circular foam paper to apply the pink. Moreover, I thought it is really interesting because the shape of the background is a square. In the Chinese tradition, square represented the earth while circle was a symbol of the firmament.

To summarize this work, thought the paint was a bit much, the final outcome surprisingly shows a really nice effect. Whereas the background does not obviously presented, so in the next time, I may use a smaller brayer to separately roll the paint.

By the way, I think the colour that washed off from the board this time was amazingly beautiful.

Overview of My Wall


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