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Untitled Workshop

Updated: Oct 12, 2018


The View Finder

We were going to use the view finder to frame the sculpture (ACDC) that we did on Monday and sketch more than five thumb-nail sketch based on either what we saw or the zoomed picture of it.



Charcoal Powder

Chalk and Pressed Charcoal

The first one that I did is using the powder of chalk, charcoal and pressed charcoal to construct white, grey and black respectively. To get these powders, I used roller to grind the charcoal because it was fragile and crushed the other two with the file. Next, I brushed the powder together.

Afterwards, I applied the PVA glue on the paper for stick the power, and started to spray the powders. Initially, I sprinkled the black powder to depict the shape and then filled with grey. Finally, I added some white and black to build the form.

To prevent the powder falling down, I sprayed some perfix colourless fixative.


For the second one, I just try to use the wax to create a negative space picture. The background I used bleach and India ink to experiment the effect. Eventually, the background left different depth of black and I added a little bit of chalk powder to create an old film feeling.


With the same technique, I tried to draw the circuit board by wax and brushed with a layer of quink and bleach to let the dark-blue colour fade away. After that, I used the tissue towel absorb the ink left on the paper. The last step was to squeeze out the black acrylic and trace the white shape to create a draft feeling


The fourth one was simpler because I tried to use the charcoal stick to sketch the picture without looking at the paper. For creating the layers, I continued to use the technique of sticking the powder on paper, and brushing then absorb the ink.


In this picture, I re-tried the techniques I drew on the mark making activity and divided half of the paper for creating the reaction of bleach and quink. Frankly, this work was just for fun.

Photoed by Emma


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