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Mark Making

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I think the key point of mark making is the texture, which could be influenced by material, colour and the technique that applied on. In this time, I mainly used Indian ink at the printing medium; thus, the shade and fluidity of it was my focus. I wanted to create pictures in both abstract and realistic way.

1 Fading

Foam cube/ Ink/ Perfix colourless fixative

2 Shabby

Wax/ Paper tissue/ Ink

3 Monochromatic

Plastic box/ Ink

4 Dull

Sponge/ Ink

5 Illusory

Ink/ Sponge brush/ Perfix colourless fixative

I applied the perfix colourless fixative on a side of paper that gradually became less on the direction to another side. Then I used the sponge brush to gently brush on the ink. Finally, it showed out a picture that alike the water surface, which is running under the sunshine. It reminded me that everything is moving constantly and as the Buddhism philosophy described that what we see is barely composed by the cause and effect. Eventually, it's all the illusion that may easily fade away.

6 Peaceful

Wax/ Ink/ Paper

7 Nebulous

Charcoal/ Chalk/ Perfix colourless fixative/ Roller

8 Ruled

Ink/ Blue ink/ Paper

9 Clumsy


10 Elapsed

Wax/ Ink/ Straw

I found that wax and ink can form a interesting contrast. The drops were all show a movement of elapsing. They were the foot prints of something used to pass through.

Meanwhile, as they were all directing to a same direction, the texture shows a harmonious feeling.

11 Splashy

Ink/ Brush/ paper

12 Subtle

Bubble water/ Ink

13 Neural

Ink/ Blue ink/ Straw

In this picture, I tried to use two colours to contrast each other and experiment whether there was a reaction between different types of ink. I used the straw to blow the ink to create many uncontrollable lines. Finally, it showed out a figure which similar as the anatomy of the neural system.

14 Simulated

Acrylic paint/ Roller/ Leaf

15 Full

The plant with fruits/ Ink

By the inspiration of Chinese traditional painting, I was interested to use the natural tool to intimate its style. In the philosophy of conventional painting, leaving emptiness could emphasize the power of the picture.

The black ink reacted with the white background produced a contrast of light and shadow.

16 Disordered

The fruits/ Ink


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