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The generation of the cognition of reality is based on the interaction of subjective consciousness and objective difference. The objective things in this world are transformed into personal cognition through subjective experience where the receiving terminal of any feeling, the brain, is unique. Therefore what everyone perceives and thinks is exclusive. Although education and learning ability have reduced certain parts of cognitive bias among the mass, the difference of knowledge and perception is still inevitable. As a human being in this world, I, who is dominated by subjective perception, are therefore repeatedly restricted. When I can not precisely understand the thought of my closest person, let alone discuss nothingness within the "absolute limits" of "existence." What does thinking about nothingness bring me since I know the impossibility of it? Can the moments that made me feel "nothing" vaguely be explained?

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The subtle feeling of nothingness (although not the actual one) stems from meaninglessness.  It is a subjective perception caused by the lack of objective knowledge of the outside world, in other words, due to the unknown, and the lack of perception, the unawareness, caused by physical limitations and thinking habits.

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