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Draft video of To Point It Out 2021

To keep non-action, to delete any record of "doing" and let nothingness become an unnameable cloud hovering above your head, or to reflect "nothing" through "doing"? I do not know which one is correct. 
We are in the world of "thing (being)", where a bottomless abyss always separates us from the "nothing (non-being)" on the other shore. We seem to be convinced that it exists somewhere deep in our hearts. However, reality has already placed invisible shackles on expression from the very beginning. The pursuit of nothingness seems to match Zeno's Achilles and the tortoise paradox, the distance between the man and the void is always a step away from the ideal state.
When I stepped into the grey-white marble stones in the garden, they were escaping from the space where my feet were. They were pushing each other to move away from me. I felt that implied something, but it was still unclear to me. I stood among these marble chippings, imagining if the "nothingness" was sleeping in the tiny gap between the stones.
Whenever a thought comes up in mind, something has already been there. If the thought can be likened to a kind of light, then nothingness becomes the shadow as long as the light hits on something.

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