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Screen Print Workshop

For preparing the final major project, I joined into the screen printing workshop to learn the technique. When I saw Andy Warhol's Portrait of Marilyn Monroe for the first time, I was attracted by the fineness of this screen print, though I did not know how to make it.


1. Prepare the paint

Firstly, we need to mix the acrylic paint with the paint medium in 50% and 50% to prevent the paint dries too quick on the screen. The mixture should be fluently drop down, if not, then we can add a little bit of water. Make sure the ingredients are completely blended together.

2. Prepare the screen

We can use the tape to block the redundant area on the screen and then fix it on the clip. We should put a piece of paper to cover the area that the paint might be printed to make sure that the paint will not be painted on the table and then put another paper for print.

3. Print making

Firstly, we should leave some space between the table and screen, then apply the paint at a side of the screen. Use the squeegee to evenly fill the printing area with the paint. Secondly, lay down the screen, hold the squeegee in 45 degree, and push the paint to the opposite side. If you see the paint does not cover the screen entirely, then repeat this step again in the same direction.

4. Clean up

Take the screen out of the clip and put into the sink. Use a sponge with flowing water to wash the paint away. Make sure both side of the screen are clean.

Practice Process

I planned to print a circles with illusory colours. Therefore, I put yellow, orange, white and blue together and these colours can create new colours while printing. I also tried different types of paper and colour combinations.


Black paper card


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