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Life Sketch

January 21st

Today we did life sketching for the fine art pathway and that was my first time to sketch the nude model.


For the first activity, we did 2-minute life drawing that continue sketch the model's gesture on same piece of paper, and focused more on the expression of the surrounding area.

For me, it was quite difficult to get start because the charcoal was hard to control while standing. I was trying to use geometric shapes to depict the movement of the model and some of them overlapped in the space, like Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase, NO.2.


Next, we changed the material to different types of inks. As for me, this section was easier than the first one because I can use various brushes and even the bamboo stick to draw the lines. Meanwhile, the ink can create miscellaneous effects with water or paints.

The first paint I did is inspired by Wu Guanzhong's works. I wanted to keep the conciseness of the picture and use black and white as the main colours while decorating with a little bit light colours.

Then we did another 20-minute (or 40, not really sure), with the practice of the previous one, I knew how to draw with ink better. Therefore, combining with Mondrian's De Stijl style, I tried to accentuate the contrast of colours on the picture, with adding some primary colours to the objects, and differing the wall and ground by black and white.

To sum up today's practice, I discovered a new way to draw the life sketch and I am rather satisfied with the ink sketches. For the charcoal one, I think the practice of controlling the strength is important.


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