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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

HeHe. Domestic catastrophe N°3: La Planète Laboratoire. Mixed media.

Tue Greenfort. Tilapia (series). (2017). Ink on paper

Ana Vaz and Tristan Bera. A Film, Reclaimed. (2015).

Nerea Calvillo/In the Air. Madrid In the Air: 24 Hours. (2019). Colour video, stereo sound, 2min 30sec

Ocean In Transformation

How to become sensitive to the ocean?

How does the ocean sense us?

Coral reefs

Scientific research 1960s

Nobody concerns about it at that time

We have changed the rules of nature.

Change fishing regulations.

The real challenge: what are we going to do

Only can use knowledge though can’t exactly know how these species feel

Over Exploitation

We defines the lives in the oceans as commodities.

Big factory sip: suck in all the fishes

We have somehow not done enough of conveying. That’s why we need art.


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