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At the very beginning, we were asked to draw a picture in group of four. Everyone should draw a part of the body and fold it then pass to next person (head, upper body, legs and feet) to get a sense of collage. When we unfolded the paper, we were surprised by this wired picture because it seems unbalanced on the general body proportion. However, this kind of odd picture actually recall me up the work by Raoul Hausmann.

Dadaist Poem

In 1920s, Tristan Tzara firstly used the cut-up technique to make a poem. He also provided the method of making a Dadaist poem.

  • Take a newspaper.

  • Take a pair of scissors.

  • Choose an article as long as you are planning to make your poem.

  • Cut out the article.

  • Then cut out each of the words that make up this article and put them in a bag.

  • Shake it gently.

  • Then take out the scraps one after the other in the order in which they left the bag.

  • Copy conscientiously.

  • The poem will be like you.

  • And here are you a writer, infinitely original and endowed with a sensibility that is charming though beyond the understanding of the vulgar.

--Tristan Tzara

The Art Critic, Raoul Hausmann, 1919–20

Therefore, we were asked to make a Dadaist poem by ourselves.

Firstly, I randomly selected a page in a magazine.

Secondly, for creating a better visual effect, I also chose some different fonts' sentences。 Then, cut them all word by word.

After that, I made a small box and mixed them up by shaking it.

Then, I roughly put the words together as a so-called poem. Though I thought the meaning is pretty abstract.

Finally, I used the glue to stick them up and I added an extra tracing paper above to create a vague effect that can interact with the audiences because they have to read the whole poem by pointing each word, otherwise it will be fuzzy. Meanwhile, decorate some cutting from magazines.

we we

could world open its harness

Everything can open Fair in everything,

We're make a generation about abstract positive

You Sometimes think

your Day

your week,

and the capacity to think sense of Life

everyone do social talks to Sean

and learn to face extreme 70,

who confronted things more art

how Art hands the exciting world

we we


Continue to practice the Dadaist work, we cut the pictures and words from the magazines, and made badges.

What I made are mainly focusing on the logo of The Big Issue because it occurred repeatedly in the magazines. Though I was not sure what does it actually meaning about, I believed it is a well-known thing (after I finished the badges, I eventually understand the meaning of it). For the first one, I put two of my favourite colours, light green and pink together. At the bottom, there were a cat with light pink background and a hobbyhorse which is corresponding to the literal meaning of Dada, with a green background. For the second one, I cut a woman in black-and-white, a bold man who was holding a camera and his head was just fit with the woman's nose curve, a pink strip as beaming out of the women's eye and a logo of The Big Issue at the top. The reason why I made it is because all these resources were cutting down from the magazines, I want to express the relationship between the journalism and people who were exposed to the public, the content of big issues were designed by the media.


We were going to visualise the poems by creating some small collages.

Initially, I cut out some resources from the magazines that might be used on the collages.

Next, I put the pictures together on a paper.

Murder The Truth

"We're make a generation about abstract positive"

Sometimes I just that our generation is sinking in the swaddling clothes, and we are covering with the protection shell that weaved by the authorities. They set up a somewhat comfort area for us, claiming for the positive energy, but hiding a lot of things that seems not that positive. Just like we are swimming in the sea but do not know how deep and dark it is. The truth is murdered, we are not sure whether it is dangerous or not. Watching...

Bubbling The New Me

"and learn to face extreme 70"

For this work, I want to reflect the inflation of consumerism. Every second, every minute, every day and week, new things are just unstoppably surging out. We are pursing the new things crazily, and under the pressure of the fast-pace society, we extremely caring about the time, message, efficiency. That's a kind of sick condition.

Talk To Sean

"and the capacity to think sense of Life

everyone do social talks to Sean"

For this work, I mainly select some egg like shapes to represent the unknown future. There is a big timing machine in the middle of the picture, which is symbolising the our lifetime. As the arrow pointing at "0" and the separate letters combine a "new", it is just at the moment of starting a new life; thus there is a fried egg at the bottom, means the first step of the life has accomplished. Moreover, I stuck a buddha face with word "trouble" and a mirror at its opposite side, because as buddha said our lives are full of trouble, but nonetheless they are just the illusions if we can discern the truth. Referring to the meaning of Sean, he is a figure of the truth, as the Buddha, the Christ and Allah, who we believed in and seek for spiritual help.


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