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In the Internet age, where information is quickly transmitted and exchanged, many topics can explode across the globe, affecting people's perceptions on a wide scale. In 2018, Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg sparked heated discussions on social media with a photo of her sitting alone in front of the Swedish parliament building. When climate issues are concerned and discussed at a broader international level, their essence will inevitably be influenced by forces from all walks of life. 


Undercurrent's inspiration comes from the sound of roaring water beneath the utility hole cover. In this complex information society, the interaction between things is often invisible, and what we hear daily is just as if the sounds come from utility hole covers. I took Greta as a buoy to scrutinize the news stories and social events about her since she became famous in 2018 and collect sounds in his daily life in the meantime. I try to connect those voices to construct the undercurrent behind climate change. 

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