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Construction of Memory 2018


In the process of building it, every step should be careful. As the number of bricks that are orderly placed in the space is increasing, the cautiousness is lifting spontaneously, because the vulnerable connections among them could not bear any tremor. Just like the memories stored in this building seems as if could be kept with the firm bricks and tiles, the reality is that they can be destroyed easily nonetheless. The good things sometimes are so powerless in the unpredictable future.

By the effect of time and temperature, the translucent malt syrup would gradually solidify and glow the yellowish light. I want to use this transformation of the state to imply the process of preserving the time and memory in our brain, whilst these abstract things are becoming actual and fragile. Similarly, I think architecture is also a vessel that could keep people’s memory. Therefore, the bricks are implying the created “memory”, to fill the abandoned space of a ruined building, to mourn the history that about to fade away there. I want to leave this work in that building, let it be an ephemera that not only humbly exists on that earth, becomes like a tiny part of it, but also be independent of the milieu, too illusory to be real.

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