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Claydoscope is a community-wide project that invites people to undergo the formation and dissolution of the artwork, feeling the connection between themselves and the world in the tangible experience.

Claydoscopes made from wild clays collected in East Sussex and common kitchen materials are shared with residents who can freely experience and eventually return them to the earth.

By throwing the work towards the ground, the clay shell returns to the soil. The coloured figures inside the tube, composed of sugars, protein, fat and water, become nutrients for other organisms and enter a new cycle. The person throwing the Claydoscope becomes the performer who completes the artwork.

The picture book of Claydoscope. It is also the activity pack in the workshops for children. It depicts the forest dwellers working together to create a Claydoscope to observe the human world. After reading the story, readers can cut the booklet down the middle, thus revealing the inside pages.

The guide of wild clay and instruction on all the processes involved in making a Claydoscope. The public can use this booklet to seek wild clay and provide it to me, which I then transform into a Claydoscope for return. The surplus clay from the exchange creates more opportunities for sharing.

Download the picture book

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